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     Modern dekorative art is often full of colour, so our product in all the colours of the rainbow is highly suitable. We have 
      developed colours and dyeing methods which guarantee the user successful results. The colours are non-fading and do
      not smear easily and the products are stable over long periods of time. Treatment and softening of the moss is done
      without addition of any toxic or dangerous chemicals or components.

     The colour samples may differ from the actual dyed moss colour. Please keep in mind that our Reindeer Moss (Lichen) is a natural
     product with varying texture and varying colour absorption abilities. Computer generated images such as these colour samples
     may also differ slightly from actual moss colors when printed.

51 Autumn 54 Moss Green 55 Spring Green 56 Natural 57 Red
59 Ice Blue 60 Yellow 62 Pink 63 Burgundy 64 Old Spring
66 Mint 68 Peach 69 Cyclamen 72 Crimson 73 Mango
75 Silver Grey 81 Siena 84 Classic Blue 85 Lavender Blue 87 Pacific Green