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Lichen for decoration purposes is exported to all major parts of the world, the largest market being Central Europe and Scandinavia.
Our raw material has been marketed under a variety of names. Although actually a lichen, we usually refer to "kvitkrull" as a Moss, following the local name for the product. However, the correct latin name is Cladonia Stellaris or Reindeer Moss in Norwegian.

This indigenous moss from the Norwegian forest and mountain areas has been used for decorative purposes over hundreds of years. The local name  Moss will be used for the products in this website.
Treated and coloured moss combined with treated natural moss is a sophisticated raw material suitable for making creations of multiple variations and settings.

NMP Inc. collects the moss from the vast forests of Österdalen where a careful, controlled harvesting is of vital importance. The forest floor is vulnerable and must be treated with great care to leave as few traces as possible. Our 100 harvesters are all well versed in protecting the landscape (and the surroundings) without leaving any tell tale sores while handpicking the moss.

Welcome to a World of possibilities !